KiddyKare's Curriculum

British Curriculum

KiddyKare's system covers all of the major arts, sciences and humanities subjects.


An extension of the British Curriculum, Kiddykare's Nursery and Toddler programs follow that of “The Early Years Foundation Stages “EYFS” .

Physical Education

Providing a healthy youth program to promote physical activity in kids while learning how to play well with others in a team atmosphere.

Arts Program

Every Child is an Artist” - Picasso

KiddyKare offers a positive approach to Art. This program is a way  to help every child show dexterity through art.

Jolly Phonics

The Jolly Phonics multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students improve and achieve short and long term goals easily.


KiddyKare supports a Play-To-Learn methodology when building a foundation of proficiency. KiddyKare encourages values in the child as a strong, capable and resilient person; rich with wonder and knowledge.

After School Programs


After School programs from Lets Swim Asia, offers a fun introduction to swimming and safety in and around the pool.


Our ballet program introduces young dancers to the art of ballet.


A fun class from start to finish, the Taekwondo class teaches discipline, agility and increases focus at a young age.  


Taking science to the next level with exciting experiments and super fun projects every week! 


Whether it's your first language or your third, our after school language programs build confidence while speaking a foreign language.


Your child will use a multitude of mediums while learning to express themselves creatively through the magical world of art.