KiddyKare International Kindergarten was established in October, 1994 to meet the continually expanding demand for International Kindergartens in the greater Bangkok area.

KiddyKare International Kindergarten has received full accreditation and licensed by the Ministry of Education and the Social Welfare Department. By 2013, KiddyKare, had proudly enrolled its 4000th child, a wonderful achievement for such a young kindergarten!

At KiddyKare, we are committed to providing each and every child with a quality early childhood education. An education that is filled with an abundance of learning opportunities and an education that fosters and nurtures an enthusiasm for learning and achievement! KiddyKare's learning environment is warm, receptive and places no preference on gender, ability, nationality, culture or religion.

At KiddyKare, Our safty of our student is our priority. Assist FM to ensure safety of all students, staff and guests at all times. Together with Security Manager, ensures the building and grounds are adequately secured with lighting, fencing, CCTV and alarm systems.

With the ultimate goal to keep the school functioning effectively on a day-to-day basis, to provide a safe, efficient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing working environment for students, staff and community